Provoking conversations around your brand

There is so much content out there nowadays, that breaking through the clutter is immensely difficult. This is not a new challenge, but the intensity is unlike any other part of modern history. Consequently, Brands need to be willing to be truly creative, and take risks. In a day and age where forecasting ROI is paramount, it takes strong leadership to venture into the partially unknown.

Mailchimp did explore a truly breakthrough campaign approach in the US to generate broad awareness of their product. They found interesting ways to integrate into multiple pop culture scenes through the creation of highly creative content. The power of their work, pushed the right way, caught the attention of countless influencers which propelled their brand message, generating enormous levels of awareness. Have a look. brought to life their value message by finding highly cheap ways of using media. In other words, they truly walked the talk of their discount value proposition. Two brilliant examples were how they became the most viewed commercial viewed around the Superbowl, without officially being part of the event nor booking highly expensive TV media, and how used Google Translate as their voiceover talent for a radio commercial to avoid paying live voiceover actors. Have a look at their campaign here.

Bajaj Motorcycles in India found a unique way to tap into national pride by creating a motorcycle made out of recycled parts of an iconic warship. They leveraged an iconic national day, Republic Day, to reveal the product. However, it was their use of viral films, influencer marketing, and creative social media marketing that made this product launch truly exceptional. They created a powerful story leading up to the reveal of the motorcycle, that made the launch all that more powerful. Have a look.

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