Discount supermarkets redefine freshness

OJThe growing popularity of discount supermarkets has much to do with their growing focus on quality and freshness. People the world over think of Brands such as Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Lidl as destinations where you get value and quality. However, there remain cultural stigmas that these type of supermarkets continue to be challenged with. Two brilliant campaigns that won Gold at the 2015 Cannes Lions international advertising festival show how creativity and focus are helping these types of supermarkets redefine the industry.

The first discount supermarket chain is Intermarché that aimed to redefine what “orange juice freshness” is all about. Nothing is better than freshly squeezed, and bottles that say “freshly squeezed” aren’t trusted, let alone at a discount supermarket. As such Intermarché created a brand where the time of pressing is the Brand name. This means that if the bottle says 8:25, the juice was pressed at that time in the morning. The “dynamic Brand” also was able to mock other Brands who claimed freshness, thus creating great fodder for social commentary. Have a look.

The second discount supermarket chain is Lidl who was committed to convince Swedes that their mild sold in Sweden came from Swedish cows. The reason was that Swedes love their locally produced milk and had difficulties believing that foreign discount grocers would source their milk locally. As such, Lidl decided to rename their mild Brand to the name of an actual “non-believer” who shared his skepticism on Facebook. The attention that this bold move generated in the media and online allowed Lidl to permanently change Swede’s perception of Lidl‘s milk origins, but also their level of quality. Have a look

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