Xide beer creates party playlists based on the mood you’re in

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Searching music based on your mood is not new. It has been brilliantly done by musicovery.com and other sites. However, no Brand has properly embraced it. Enter Xide.

Xide is an alcopop brand from Carlsberg in Sweden. To revitalize the brand, their agency created Xide Mood, an application that connects your favourite mix of music with the different moods of a party. The playlist on the laptop is a focal point at every party, it is your way of showing off your DJ skills and musical knowledge. Therefore, to compliment the right mood created by the music, Xide suggests different drink flavours to match the music. The site allows visitors to adjust their ratio of pop, rock, metal, hip hop, r’n’b, soul, reggae, club, hits and Swedish, creating pre-party, party and afterparty mixes of YouTube music videos. Party goers can even test out the Mood Booster on their webcams.

A great attempt at inserting the Brand into passion moments in organic ways that add value to the environment. Nice one. Have a look at their site – http://www.xidemood.com/

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