Wine packaging experimentation – the best logos to represent wines from their country of origin

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Packaging design is a critical part of the marketing arsenal used by companies to lure the wandering eyes of consumers. Arguably pack design is more important than ever as the appreciation for good design has grown. Each category has its own styles or “codes” that make for good packaging. However, there seem to be two design extremes explored across categories – utter simplicity (see Coca-Cola) and extreme detail (see Espiritu de Elqui).

A category that truly explores both the extremes of simplicity and detail is the wine industry. Historically, the more detailed approach has been the go-to approach for wine-makers around the globe. However, with regions such as California, Australia, and South Africa pushing aside the European “godfathers” of wine to become equal players in the global world of top wines, there has also been a shift in packaging philosophy. No longer are the visual paradigms of “old-world visual identity” a must. We see many wines that have quite modern designs (see Yellow Tail Wines).

An interesting experiment was done by Dribbble to see what simple wine pack designs could look like if they were to lean into their country of origin. The result is below. Some are absolutely stunning. Some of my favorites are the Polynesian Wine, Turkish Wine, Cuban Wine, and New Zealand Wine. Enjoy.

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