Why Disney tells amazing stories

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There is arguably no better storytelling studio than Disney. They have captured the imagination and hearts of people for generations. Consistently, they release films that are cultural anchors, becoming milestones in children’s and family’s lives. Among the many reasons that they are able to do this time and again is their belief in the power of friendships and their ability to convey the most profound ideas in the most surprising and simple ways.

downloadA consistent theme in most of their stories is the importance of friendships. They show all types of friendships which is why so many different people can relate to at least a handful of their stories. Within their films they bring to life the evolution of friendships, how they are nurtured, how they are put in jeopardy, and how they help us navigate the world at large. In a recent trailer for The Good Dinosaur they acknowledge this important trait in their films. Have a look.

Another core reason for Disney’s storytelling genius is the way that they convey complex topics in the simplest ways through brilliant creativity. By doing this, they often are able to surprise and inspire adults while providing engaging and uplifting entertainment for children. We need only think about Wall-E, and more recently Inside Out (see trailer below). Inside Out tackles some of the most complex aspects of human behaviour such as moods, memories, and conscious and subconscious thought. By personifying the core human emotions and having them introduce the viewer to the workings of the brain they were able to make it “all make sense”. The level of creativity is staggering where my little daughter was equally engulfed in the film as my wife and I. An absolute must see as it is a masterclass in the storytelling supremacy of Disney.

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