Why animation is such a great storytelling vehicle: Two short films show us the magic that can be created with paper and a pencil

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Animation is one of the most powerful storytelling vehicles in society. Even schools find that its form can simplify and lighten deep topics (see article here). Recently there have been two animated shorts that have hit the blogosphere that I find incredibly entertaining.

The first animated short takes the plot of an iconic film, Back To The Future, and brings it to life in a hilarious but accurate 60 second depiction. The simplicity of the characters and the choices that are allowed with this technique make for a really funny piece of content.

The second animated short is about a love triangle, but with a setting that is limited to the “paperworld” inside an average bedroom. It is simply unbelievable how the artist was able to create such deep character with such a 2-D world. Unbelievable. Have a look.

Paper War from GKCFF on Vimeo.

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