What makes genius packaging? When design and creativity are applied in full force

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When creativity and design are applied to packaging the result can be magical. The reason is that great design thinking makes an experience smoother and more intuitive. Textures are more pleasant, curves are more calming. As such there is pleasure in the experience even though it may be subconscious. The addition of creativity adds surprise and intense emotion to the mix. Few Brands are able to marry the two well. Bravery is often missing or self and category afflicted rules and regulations get in the way. Therefore it is always nice to see really great examples that were able to overcome paradigm barriers.

Cereal is a very old category where brands have been playing around with entertaining packaging for ages given that their usual dual targeting (kids and moms) requires some creativity. The challenge is simplicity. You want to be entertaining and fun for kids but allow the health story to be noticeable to the moms. Lacy Kuhn, a design student found a fantastic solution for Beehive Honey. The packaging is easy enough to turn into a type of “toy” while the ingredients keep the tone of the Brand but are incredibly reader-friendly.

Another product category that could use some packaging innovation is first aid kits. Arguably they should already be born out of design by necessity. However, too often they have everything you need nicely tucked away but haven’t organised the contents in a way that allows for you to quickly be able to get at and apply what you need step by step. London designer Gabriele Meldaikyte found a beautiful way of solving the first aid kit challenge. She created related compartments for select items were related to certain aid issues. There were three core issues that most first aid kits are used for so she created compartments for each. Have a look.

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