What is the most creative way to apply for a job? How about in an MMORPG game

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Finding great talent is increasingly difficult, especially in the digital arena. Add the fact that you are a traditional ad agency and the difficulty grows. As such, recruitment strategies need to become more creative and more brave. For this reason I love this initiative from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi in Israel.

To find their next programmer the agency turned to the multiplayer game Diablo III to see who could play the strongest. The twist was that they had to play the CEO who happened to be a Level 60 Barbarian (which is pretty accomplished). Each Wednesday the CEO would wait to test applicants skills alongside him in the game. He would test the applicants’ in-game performance, and their answers to questions. Those that passed the test would be invited to personal interview at the company’s offices.

I love the initiative because it is the perfect forum for a programming candidate and it is an unexpected way to lure people in. Most certainly candidates were attracted by the bold initiative and the philosophy and culture of the work environment that this campaign suggested. The video describes it in more detail. Just brilliant!

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