What if each jar of spaghetti sauce was connected to its own Italian chef! Progresso made it happen

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It was only a matter of time before food manufacturers discovered the storytelling capability of technology! A new initiative from Progresso allows each sauce to come with its own cooking lesson. Thats right, each sauce is connected to a unique library of associated video cooking lessons online. The project is called “The Idea Pantry”.

The way that Progresso’s Idea Pantry works is simple: when you purchase a progresso sauce, you are given access to hand-selected instructor at theideapantry.com. Each one of those instructors is a socially savvy home chef with a pre-existing community and is ready and waiting to answer any questions about how to make a creative, home-cooked meal with your sauce as a starting point.

As The Idea Pantry grows every new product in the line will get its own curriculum and chef instructor with it. The idea is brilliant because it allows the jar/can to be a much richer medium. Moreover, that medium tells a much more meaningful story. All the wonderful ingredients and imagery on the pack can now be truly brought to life in a way that is meaningful to those that buy the product. Nice one Progresso!

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