What do kids really want for Christmas? Their imagination unleashed… and its not that hard to accomplish

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As Christmas approaches, the dash for the right gift consumes many of us. Those who have children are faced with a mountain of toy options. It is actally a bit silly at the sheer number of possibilities. Decades ago, there were notably less types of toys yet children were just as happy. The main reason is that children have ripe imaginations. They have not yet been clouded by experience, societal teachings, and social paradigms. As such, they make due with what is in front of them and create worlds of fun and excitement – see article about how Lego has tapped into this reality.

The Chicago Children’s Museum leaned into this seasonal stress to underscore the core reason for toys – to spark imagination – and thus equally underscore that the latest thing is not always necessary. To do this they created a pop-up toy store that had… no toys. Instead the store simply had boxes and arts & crafts items to turn the boxes into whatever the kids imagined. Watch the result. Amazing and very touching.

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