VW recycles thousands of magazines in South Africa to sell cars

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Creative ideas that bring to life the soul of a Brand and force an action that lives the value offering are those that have a great chance to cut through. We aren’t interested in mere messages anymore, we expect interaction. Moreover, this interaction needs to add value to my time, given that it is in short supply to begin with.

Volkswagen has understood for a while that its products are only as good as they can be if people really understand the thinking behind them, and how they actually positively contribute to the environment around them. Several years ago they made a bold showing of this change in communications approach with their Fun Theory (see video here).

With the launch of their Bluemotion range of eco-friendly cars, they wanted to show exactly what they mean by being environmentally considerate. Their South African team found a brilliant way to use print media. Instead of merely having a print ad, they complimented the ad with a postage stamp. This stamp allowed people to recycle the magazine after usage. They used select pieces of their budget to fund a postage deal and through this creative approach to budget thinking created a piece of communication that really walked the talk of Bluemotion and created a huge amount of PR and active engagement of their print work. It was a submission and winner at Cannes this year but I forgot to write about it. Better late than never!

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