Very cool product launches – BK & Heineken

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To launch a new product most companies look to their PR departments to develop an event. Most of these are fairly uneventful or lavish but expected. The challenge with a product launch is that you want to get your influencers and journalists not just excited but emotionally engaged. This is difficult given that these people see so many different lush events that they have become somewhat immune to “gloss and bling”. Immersing them in a story that they haven’t seen before or that they hadn’t experienced before will ensure that your event stands out. Two Brands that have done this well with recent initiatives are Burger King and Heineken.

downloadFor the launch of their Chicken Burger in New Zealand, Burger King decided to play on people’s love of the Whopper. This hook played on what was familiar to serve up a very surprising experience. Therefore they created the Burger King Motel, an establishment where people could “cheat” on their true love – The Whopper. The Brand invited journalists and celebrities to the Motel and then filmed the experiences. The content was priceless and incredibly catchy. To associate sin and excitement with an event surely created a memorable experience for those participating (and a great smile for those viewing). The power of the event was the details that went into every aspect of the experience, from the soaps in the motel, to the “do not disturb sign”. etc. Have a look at the case study video.

Heineken is no stranger to putting on unbelievable events. For the launch of the SUB home draught machine, they took advantage of Milan Design Week. The product was after all a beautiful piece of design and thus Design Week was a perfect forum. However, Heineken decided to show how the SUB can add excitement and fun into the home. To do so they turned a living into a giant pinball machine and powered it through the SUB. The experience ignited the senses of those that participated. Have a look.

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