Valentine’s Day 2015 – A return to the essence of this great holiday

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downloadThe essence of Valentine’s Day has gotten diluted over the years as retail has supercharged this holiday with consumption. Worse, culture seems to have guided Valentine’s Day into an arena where the greater the demonstration, the more you must love that person. The aspect of “oneupsmanship” is very much part of this holiday. Meanwhile, it should be about sincere appreciation for the person that you love, period. Two Brands have embraced this Valentine’s Day in 2015.

Chocolate Brand Anthon Berg put to the test that the act of thinking fondly of your partner and doing a simple act of kindness will have a positive biological affect that strengthens the vitality of the partnership. Called the “Valetine Experiment”, the intent was to see how much a man’s Oxytocin level can be raised by him doing a small loving gesture to his partner. Oxytocin is responsible for greater sex drive, happiness, etc. The experiment was conducted in Denmark where Valentine’s Day is not really appreciated, viewed more as an American holiday. The results will astound you.

Hallmark is the quintessential Valentine’s Day brand. Therefore, it seems very appropriate that they take thought leadership on what this holiday is really about. They developed a series of filmed interviews where they asked couples to talk about each other without using the word love. The depth of feeling and sentiment will bring you to tears. As part of their #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign, these films perfectly reflect what Valentine’s Day should be about – simple real appreciation for the friendship, the love, the bond, that you are lucky to have.

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