Unleash your inner Bond: Coke Zero encourages you to do it and creates stunt brilliance in the process

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I absolutely love how films of simple stunts can tell the story that a Brand wants with arguably the same power and impact as a well produced TV commercial. We have seen many gems such as the now iconic T-mobile stunts (see The Dance and The Welcome Back), the Carlsberg cinema stunt (see here), the Heineken Champions League stunt (see here), and the many brilliant versions of the Coke vending machine stunt (see the original below and following versions here and here and here).

downloadCoke Zero has now entered the realm of brilliant stunts with their Skyfall (new James Bond film) promotion. The idea is very cool, it is well executed, it is super simple, it is strategically very sound, and it makes you crave the product. The partnership with the James Bond film is smart given the possibilities positioning, but the way that Coke Zero has unleashed the possibilities in any of us with this simple stunt was wonderful. Moreover, every detail of the “obstacles” reinforced the positioning. Absolutely brilliant.

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