Unbelievable digitally powered mentoring program by Delta

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One of the most interesting areas of emerging marketing innovation is the airline business. We have seen great digital and social media ideation from KLM (see here and here and here). We have seen a lot of experimentation with the safety video (see here). We have seen a lot of great stunts (see here). Still, there is a lot of opportunity to create brand evangelism among passengers during the flight. Virgin has been working to do this for years by providing services and experiences that leave a lasting memory. However, I have yet to see more meaningful initiatives that add true value to someone’s trip.

imagesDelta Airlines recently partnered with LinkedIn to develop one of the most interesting marketing ideas that I’ve yet see come out of the airline business. The idea is called the Delta Innovation Class – a service that allows you to sit next to inspiring people on your flight with whom you can exchange ideas, thoughts, beliefs. By signing in to the program on LinkedIn, you will be made aware of upcoming Delta flights that will be “carrying” mentors. If you are interested in speaking with them and are on that flight, apply and you may be chosen to sit next to them on that flight. This is such a powerful idea because it leverages the one moment where you can spend quality time with people who are otherwise totally strapped for time. What a great partnership between Delta and LinkedIn. Have a look at the case video and video content from the first mentor session. Enjoy

Delta Innovation Class – Erick Migicovsky with James Patton

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