Turning your Instagram photos into real art? An entrepreneur in Asia made it happen

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Entrepreneurialism is hotly desired but only marginally truly applied. Every company seems to want people who are entrepreneurial. Meanwhile, many are unwilling to truly allow their people to act on it. Personally, I think small business will most benefit from the wave of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers because they are given space. I also think that many people will simply have a go at it alone because their vision can be fully realised. For this reason, I alway admire the lesser known success stories. Those that had a brilliant yet simple idea and found a way to make it happen, without too much “big-money machine” meddling.

A wonderful example of a brilliant entrepreneurial undertaking comes from China, called Pixelist. This is the brainchild of American Will Freeman. His idea: create a service that turns people’s Instagram art into real art. He realised that people were taking their Instagramming quite seriously and creating beautiful pieces of art. He figured that these same people would also love to turn their pieces not just into big prints, but big original art pieces. The challenge was to find a scalable business model. Fortunately there are countless incredibly skilled reproduction artists in China. As such, he leveraged this talent people and connected them to the world’s “Art Instagrammers” through a simple website. The business has caught the attention of press from around the world and has quickly become a profitable business.

The model is incredibly simple. You simply send in your Instagram photo, decide what size you’d like your photo to be painted, provide your address, and the painting is shipped for free once completed. The output is consistently top-class. The examples below show you the Instagram photo and the painting. Whether its landscapes, people, animals, or objects, the results are noteworthy. Have a look.

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