Turning box packaging into teaching tools

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colgate-myanmar1The more work that I see from Brands around the world, the more I want great creativity to not just push a product but also to find innovative ways to help communities that they touch. I’ve written about this increasingly over the past year or so, and when I see Brands do these actions I want to promote them as much as I can.

The most recent example comes from Colgate Palmolive in South East Asia. They have found that their delivery boxes had the potential to do a lot more than just allow their products to arrive safely, they had the potential to help local schools! In Myanmar, schools are in desperate need for educational tools. As such, Colgate turned their boxes into entire lesson plans to help teachers. The company worked with teachers to develop comprehensive lesson plans that fill the curriculum gap existing in local schools. Coupled with a simple but ingenuous mobile play, they allowed teachers to access the entire lessen plan through a simple text. Have a look at the case study.

There are so many companies that touch less fortunate communities the world over, and they have a responsibility to add not just employment but also assistance to shortcomings in various community programs – be they health, education, care, etc. This is how they will, over time, become genuinely appreciated by consumers at large and therefore chosen over other Brands.

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