Turn your New Years wishes into a beautiful song… in just a few clicks!

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This is a little late since we are in mid-January but I had to share this amazingly addictive interactive “New Year’s Wishes musical card maker“. Essentially it is a highly unique, specialized, and creative music mixer.

The tool is super easy: you press the buttons of the sentiments you wish to provide someone, these wishes are expressed through individual sounds, and the collection of sounds makes a song. You then can record your “musical card” and send it it to whomever you wish or share it on Facebook profile. The functionality is so intuitive and really makes you want to create the perfect musical card.

The beauty of this experience is that the right collection of wishes creates a pretty cool track. A less adequate selection will create a less appealing track. I guess there are only certain sentiments that are appropriate to wish upon someone! hehe.

Have a look at the site (http://www.composezvosvoeux2011.com/?lang=en). I warn you, it really is addictive. Enjoy everyone.

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