Trends to look out for in 2011

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Happy New Year everyone! Yes the next 365 days are upon us and Trendhunter tells us what to expect from them. Many of these trends exploded in 2010 and will only get stronger in the months ahead.

There are a total of 20 trends covered in this short video. However, there are a few themes that emerge:

1. Conversations. Yes, marketing is moving to the art of the conversation: how to start it, how to fuel it, and how to know when its over. Consumers want to be participants, not recipients of marketing.

2. Connections. Social media has fueled the need for constant connection and we’ll see this addiction be fed by new products and services that help people connect with more, and more often.

3. Care & Concern. People are genuinely fed up with promises not held by companies and countries. They are truly taking matters into their own hands and forcing society to step up or be shunned down.

4. Perpetual Change. As technology advances at such a rapid pace, consumers have learned to expect ongoing improvement. Life seems to be in a constant beta-state for them. This will put marketers and their philosophies to the test.

5. Correctness & Credibility. It seems that people have lived for too long in a “fake state”, helped along by a financial system that encouraged living beyond your means. Now they seek the real deal, what is truly theirs to own, theirs to experience. Expect consumers to call out Brands that try to promise more than is true and align with those that under-promise and over-deliver.

6. Creativity currency. Ideas are showing to be truly valuable in personal and financial fulfillment. We will see new focus and value put on those that push their creative skill-set.

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