Thinking about print media differently

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Keeping print media relevant is requiring a new way of being creative with the medium. Clearly still image advertising remains fundamental given its power in social media (see here). Yet this proliferation of print has only raised what defines excellence in the medium. Technology has helped provide different opportunities to add utility to traditional print, but it has also forced advertisers to try and extract more from the medium as was previously expected.

When it comes to traditional print creativity, utter simplicity is the way to success. As mentioned above, consumers are seeing still image messaging at greater frequency than ever before due to its popularity in social. As a consequence, what the general population defines as excellence has risen. Thus advertisers have to ensure that their ideas are incredibly telegraphic, beautifully designed, and somewhat surprising. This is a tall task to get right with every execution, yet there is no choice to do it any other way. Black & Blaze show us what brilliance looks like.

coffee 2

coffee 3

coffee 1

Making print work much harder today requires that advertisers give it some utility versus simply displaying a message. Technology is clearly the best way to accomplish this. With the ongoing advancements new opportunities are constantly emerging. Most recently, Nivea found a way of showing us how powerful the sun can be (and thus the reason to protect oneself) by turning a print ad into a phone charger using solar power. Have a look at the case study video.

Giving utility to a print ad can be done without technology. Kit Kat showed us how to do it beautifully. To bring to life their “have a break” positioning, they developed a print piece that acts as a “webcam blocker”. It was developed in response to a national warning in Holland about keeping your webcam protected against hackers. Have a look.


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