The world’s first Twitter-powered car race

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The following campaign from Mercedes in the US is a great social media experiment but I am struggling to see how it links back to the essence and values of the Brand.

It is the world’s first Tweet-powered race. Four two-person team embarked on Feb 2, 2011 from one of four cities – NYC, LA, Chicago, and Tampa – in specially outfitted Mercedes vehicles. All are trying to get to Dallas first powered by their ability to garner tweets, and complete a few challenges along the way. To see more go to their site at –

The bold way of using Twitter to merge the online with the real world is brilliant and I’m sure that there is a tenuous way to link this campaign back to Mercedes, such as demonstrating driving comfort or fuel efficiency. However, the core values that we have come to expect from the Brand somehow didn’t factor into the idea. At a minimum, the marketing team will learn how to use Twitter in upcoming “on-Brand” programs ๐Ÿ™‚

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