The world’s first Tweeting fridge!

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What is wonderful with technology is that it has come so far that it can give voices to previously silent objects. I am not talking about robots, I am talking about your everday items such trees and fridges. Technology can help humans better interact with those objects, knowing how to best use them, knowing how to take care of them. Several months ago I wrote about a tree that could Tweet to let you know when it needed to be watered. Now Bonafont has created a fridge that Tweets to let you know when you need to drink water.

Bonafont used technology to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing that industry – the education that humans should drink at least 2 litres of water per day to stay healthy. Therefore, Bonafont created a small fridge that could fit 2 litre bottles inside and would Tweet to let you know when to drink or to simply share with the world that you are drinking. This is not all useful if the people who are given this fridge have merely a handful of virtual connections. However in the hands of celebrity bloggers the reach is massive. Therefore, these fridges were given to those people and each time they would have a drink of water a funny note would appear on their Twitter stream talking about drinking water. All their followers would therefore be reminded of the need to drink water.

In an era where conversations are more important than one-way messages, Brands need to explore ideas where their tone and personality can really come out and live. Only then can consumer really start to have a personal relationship with you because you’ve actually spoken to them in a natural way.

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