The world’s first truly human Brand, and its Chairman & CEO is just 18 months old!

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The fashion business has many brilliant Brands, big and small, many of which are built on very unique concepts. Some focus on specific age segments, some focus on gender, some focus on a style, and others focus on a value offering (see the many ideas @springwise). However, none focus on a generation with the intent of growing with that generation. Meanwhile, so often a Brand captures the imagination of a generation but then fails to keep up the relationship, resulting in the Brand withering away or losing the identity that made it so loved. Enter the start-up fashion Brand from London called Little Miss Lia (see beta site here).

Little Miss Lia is a very cool clothing brand that aims to capture a generation of girls and grow with them, reflecting their styles, fads, and ultimately their lives. The Brand has just launched and was created for a little girl called Lia. Her parents thought that it would be nice to not simply hand her over a savings account when she reached 18, but rather hand her over a Brand. But more importantly, the Brand would grow with her. Therefore, with each age the Brand will develop lines that reflect the corresponding fashions in clothes and accessories of that cohort. The previous lines will then become “Vintage Little Miss Lia”, where favorite pieces remain in production but will not be redesigned.

The beauty of the Little Miss Lia concept is that the Brand becomes somewhat the world’s first truly human Brand because it will grow like a human, mature like a human, and even die like a human. The reason for this is twofold: First, Lia is not simply the figurehead, but will grow into the CMO, CCO, CEO, and CFO. As she gets older and gains skills she will step deeper into the business, first influencing the fashion lines, then learning about the business side of running the business, then learn about the financials to sustain a business, and even decide on the charities that the business will support. The last point I find most interesting because of a really smart and human principle that the Brand has adopted: that when Little Miss Lia launched a new line, the inventory left of the old line will be donated to charity, which will help Lia (the person) learn about giving and understanding the needs of those less fortunate. The second reason that Little Miss Lia is the world’s first human Brand is that it will pass away with her, or cease when she decides she no longer wants to run the Brand. It is truly living!

They are just getting started so check out their Facebook page and “like” them if you think the idea is cool.

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