The world of search and social just took a giant leap forward: Welcome Google Glass

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Google have a fantastic track record of creating great stories that bring to life their incredible products. The Chrome series is my favorite set of stories because the role of the product is so tangible and real yet aspirational (see review of the Chrome films here). The Brand has also found ways of creating stories around incredibly timely and culturally relevant moments while effectively serving up a product in a way that is central to the story (see the Google Play New Years resolution story here).

It is fascinating how they have managed to take the product demo to a whole new level of engagement. The examples I mentioned above are all, more or less, demonstrations of these individual Google products in the context of the real world moments where they are supposed to be used. The Chrome series is particularly pertinent because the stories are real, and thus are super inspiring demos.

When it comes to new products, Google apply the same principles but to “potential situations”. The main thing is that the situations are real so that you can hero what the product does versus inflate its functionality. For the new Google Glass, they have developed a fantastic film that shows how ordinary day to day occurrences can be made memorable through Glass. Have a look.

The waiting list to get a pair has just begun. Their price tag is pretty hight but this pool of content truly makes me want to have a pair.

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