The way to get people to pay attention to your message? Have them experience it. An ingenious example from an NGO in Australia

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The most challenging part of creating awareness of an ailment is to get people to experience and feel the disease. Only by making it personal can you really create engagement. Sure you can communicate what it feels like, you can show what it does, you can even merchandize very gripping facts. Unfortunately humans are creatures that focus on their reality. As such, if you can bring translate your message into an experience that enters their reality the likelihood of making an impact is much higher.

To bring attention of Parkinson’s disease The Shake It Up Foundation created a brilliant activation on World Parkinson’s Day. They put wood wedges underneath tables across cafes, restaurants, and eating areas around Sydney. The wedges made the tables very unstable and recreated the shaky feeling of a Parkinson’s sufferer. As people leaned down to see what was the cause, they read a message on the wooden wedge that made them realize that what they just experienced mimicked the day to day realities of a Parkinson’s sufferer. Absolutely brilliant and incredibly powerful. Have a look.

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