The visualization of flavour

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Sight is the most dominant sense. We often don’t realize the importance that we give to it in how we navigate each day of our lives. As a consequence, other senses are not given the same appreciation and ability to generate memory. Brands that rely on flavour as their vehicle to consumer love are sometimes at a disadvantage when it comes to traditional communication channels. The reason is that traditional advertising channels tend to be visually oriented and thus consumer consumption of the messages is more academic and not instinctive. However, several flavor-driven Brands have looked to find ways of using the visual medium to allow people to feel their flavours. In doing so they are making traditional communication channels work much harder for them.

SOT-Webpage-Image1The first example of a flavour-driven Brand that has innovated with a visual medium to bring to life their flavour strength in an unexpected manner is Schwartz – a spice and herb Brand. The goal was to make people think differently about flavour advertising. They have looked to technology and mobile to allow a simple poster to bring to life the sound of flavour. This very creative project allows you to ignite the kinds of emotions that you get when you have a great meal. As a result the memory of the Brand will likely be stronger. Have a look at the case study Video.

The second example of a Brand that has used the visual sense to bring to life a flavour is McCormick. They developed a visual language that allowed people to navigate their flavour world through color. Called Flavor Print, the concept associates select colors with select flavours and then guides you to create your personalized flavour profile. This flavour profile can be used to discover new recipes, new dish interests, and will even be used on packaging to visually direct people to dishes that are right for their flavour profile. Very cool idea and innovation. Have a look at the video.

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