The ultimate retail space for men

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Ikea has been innovating in retail design for decades. They have found ways of making consumers want to wander through their entire stores, they have found ways to make people want to stop and eat at their cafeterias, and they have found ways to make kids want to go just to play in their spaces (making parents like to shop at their stores). Now they have done it again, this time with a really funny twist.

Now men with short retail attention span and shopping-averse men in Australia have a solution to escape the pains of weekend shopping at Ikea. It’s called Manland and it’s a day-care for husbands and boyfriends who want to take a break from the shopping. The space works exactly like the play-space for kids, with a dedicated area in the store offering free hot dogs, Xbox consoles, pinball machines and nonstop sports action on TV. There is even a buzzer to remind girls to stop buy to pick-up their men!

Have a look at the video that brings the idea to life. Brilliant. With the popularity of this video, I’m sure Ikea will roll out this idea beyond Australia.

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