The solution to frustrating apartment hunting is solved by creative students

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I don’t know what it is about The Miami Ad School of late, but I am seeing more and more case studies being released that are absolutely brilliant. They must have introduced a grading system that rewards students for successful self-promotion ๐Ÿ™‚

This idea from Gabriel Kolisch and Isabella Pipitone uses existing Google technologies to solve the eternal student challenge – finding a cool apartment in the neighborhood you desire. They have called it Google Rent. It is a service that combines 4 things. First, it uses search to help identify available appartments. Second, it uses Google Maps to help discover the search location. Third, it uses street view to help explore the stores and condition of the surrounding area. Finally it adds a picture service to allow detailed viewing of the apartment. Add a quick payment system and a social piece (so you can “real” pictures of the apt) the you’ve got a gem.

The fact that this idea seems so obvious and so valuable it is likely that Google will either already have a project in play or they will hire these students to make it happen. Absolutely genius. Keep the creativity coming!

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