The Richard Branson of Sweden: Crazy stunts & innovative products that reinvent the home entertainment business

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Pause Audio is a small home entertainment business in Stockholm, fighting to create a strong following in the face of big box retailers. Fortunately they have a very innovative group of owners. To launch their store they wanted to show that their level of audio customisation cannot be matched. To do so, the created the human jukebox: an audio service device that can be swallowed turning a human being into a live radio. One of the owners “piloted” the idea and created a ton of publicity. Beyond being incredibly wacky, the product was incredibly innovative and highly customises. This allowed Pause’s superior know-how to be brought to life, literally.

Most recently, the Pause team wanted to tackle a huge barrier for music lovers: neighbours. Too often people cannot appreciate their home entertainment system to its fullest potential because neighbours complain about the noise level. So Pause teamed up with experts in Stockholm to create a technology that would measure apartment or home construction noise insulation, room size, and neighbour proximity and match it to an appropriate sound system. The product is called the Stockholm Home Equalizer. The idea is absolutely brilliant and continues to show Pause’s innovative thinking and obsession with customisation. Genius.

PAUSE EQ CASE from Ourwork on Vimeo.

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