The power of women

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downloadThe role of women in society is too often under-estimated or under-appreciated. I will not go into women’s rights in this article since this story is not about society rights, or lack thereof, bestowed on women, but on the unbelievable breadth of a woman’s ability to influence.

Be it raw power and relentlessness or compassion and softness, a woman has such a huge spectrum of influencing tools. It is this huge diversity and chameleon-like ability that makes women so effective in such a wide variety of situations, with such a wide variety of people.

The first illustration of female influence power is through a campaign by Under Armour. To change the debate about what ultra-hard athleticism is about, this ultra macho Brand used the most feminine of spokespeople, a super-model. Gisele Bundchen took on the debate and through her unbelievable training rigour and athletic ability was able to change dialogue and mute unfounded commentary.

The second illustration of female influence ability comes from Brazil where The Sport Club of Recife created the most effective security force that their stadium has ever seen. This club is known for violence and traditional measures of control simply were not effective. As such, they thought of trying to use the one influencing agent that no man can ignore, their moms. Yes, this club hired the mothers of the fans as the stadium security force. Their compassion and care kept the fans behaving properly, in a way that “their mothers would approve”. An unbelievable and beautiful example of influencing ability.

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