The power of great animation in marketing: Canal + and Chipotle show us how its done

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Animation is one of the most powerful storytelling techniques. It allows you to pull hard at uncomfortable but true human realities and behaviours. The viewer doesn’t feel directly targeted because animation allows him to keep a separation from the story. Meanwhile, the message hits home with force. Why do we think that has Disney been so successful for so long after all?

Animation is used extensively in marketing today. Be it for traditional advertising content, to educational videos, to short stories, to video games. Recently I stumbled on two examples that were absolutely brilliant.

The first is from Chipotle, who used animation for their mobile and tablet game promoting healthy eating. You would not think that this topic would result in a game, let alone a heart-wrenching bit of content. However, Chipotle have managed to do just that. Have a look at their promotional video for the game. Absolutely genius. If you want to download the game, here it is in iOS only (see here).

The next example of animation excellence comes from Canal +. This French cable channel has a history of creating fantastic content to promote its shows. For its Series channel “Canal + Series”, the channel developed a stunning animation that is a sequence of connected vignettes of different series. The viewer is not told what show each vignette is referring to but the visual and audio clues guides you. The animation treatment reflects the many still graphic “movie poster” creatives that have been circulating these past few years (see here).

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