The next level in storytelling is explored by 13th Street Universal: the living narrative

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Storytelling is evolving in leaps and bounds thanks to creative uses of technology. Mobile is the next frontier in helping realize immersive storytelling. We’ve seen loads of examples of late that use Google Maps to allow for epic treasure hunts (see The Mini Getaway) or AR technology that allow for everyday surfaces to come alive and deliver a story (see Ray Ban Rare Finds).

For the launch of the suspense channel 13th Street Universal the network combined several mobile technologies to create the world’s first “film in the outernet” called The Witness. Using AR and location-based technologies users are led through the city of Berlin to be caught in real movie scenes where they are a central character. Decisions that they make will alter the outcome of the story. Poor decisions could even get you killed (virtually of course).

The approach is ground-breaking because it truly allows the user to live the story as an active participant rather than a detached competitor where poor decision can have serious consequences. Moreover, the approach allows users to truly experience a proper suspense film, thus getting them emotionally attached to the genre and hopefully the network.

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