The many degrees of happiness by Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola has been the unabashed champion of happiness and in doing so has created more love for the Brand than ever before. Over the past few years its role in the world at large has manifested itself through honest and real actions in the real world where a routine has been disrupted to create a smile, and a moment of contentment. Ever since the success of Vending Machine, the company has seized on the power of stunts to fill their content pipeline and drive their happiness agenda. Many of the projects have taken on a more “serious”, do-good, feel. We need only look at Security Camera (see here), Smile Back (see here), The OFW Project (see here), New Year’s Dinner (see here), and many more. They are absolutely brilliant and give the Brand a much more perceived profound role in communities and society by those that matter, those that will drink their product in any given day.

A recent example of this more “do-good” approach to bringing about happiness comes from the UAE. Coke looked at the many workers living in the Emirates who could not regularly connect with their loved ones because of the cost of calls. Meanwhile, these workers were solely there for the well-being of the families. As such, Coke created a phone booth that could be paid for with bottle caps – one cap allowed for a 3 minute phone call. Have a look at the case study video and you’ll see the beauty and power of the idea, that is brilliantly linked to the product.

Another approach that fuels happiness is laughter. Coke leans into creating smiles and uplift but not always true humour. For this reason, I really liked a recent initiative from Germany for the Mini can. In short, they created “mini kiosks”. The┬áinstallations were just funny but incredibly smart which made them very memorable. For kids, the kiosks were also great reminders of cute dollhouses, or miniature appliances that are common toys. The attention to detail is what makes this initiative all that more brilliant. You want passersby to explore, discover, and be surprised. This is what creates those emotions that light up a camera screen and make for a truly memorable experience – for both the viewer and participant. Have a look.


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