The legacy of cool: a journey into the world of jean culture and where it all starts

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Why do we all love jeans? Truly. It is a material that has a warm spot in most of our hearts and it is a material that we have very strong opinions about. Most of us have our favorite style and even Brand. We look at patterns and stitching. We look at color tone and cut. We look at pocket design and closing design. So what has brought on this relationship? Where does it all start and who are those that are part of the genesis of that material that we have so much heart for? Do they have the same love that we do?

All these questions are part of a film project called The Legacy Of Cool (see website here). They are trying to find funding via Kickstarter. I found the topic intriguing and thus wanted to share it. It would be interesting to see where the love starts and stops and whether those involved in the creation of jeans take it as seriously as the world’s consumers take their jeans seriously. Have a look at the trailer.

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