The honest truth about your consumers isn’t pretty

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imagesIt is very easy to get consumed by your Brand world when you work and live with it day in day out.
The big pitfall with this reality is that you start to believe your own hype. More specifically, you think that consumers really care about you. After all, you have a big and active social media fanbase, sales are strong, you get mentioned in cultural discussions.

The honest truth is that the love affair that you think your consumers have with your Brand is somewhat imaginary. Every consumer is cheating on you. They may only be having one affair with a competitor, but they may also be having multiple flings! Many marketers know this intuitively but somehow ignore it because it adds a lot of complexity and ambiguity, making business and brand decision-making more challenging.

If we do not accept this relationship reality, the chance for our Brands to fail is high. W+K Amsterdam recently put together a brilliant presentation outlining this phenomenon and how to think about it in order to NOT FAIL. It is a brilliant piece of thinking and an incredibly engaging story. Have a look and enjoy.

One comment on “The honest truth about your consumers isn’t pretty

  1. jawad bisbis May 26, 2014 1:19 pm

    straight talk! like it.

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