The graphic interpretation of world cities

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The big cities of the world have true personalities that are unique to them. This is the reason that we are drawn to them and why they play such an important and universally recognizes role in global culture. Color and shapes are what define many of these cities. It is for this reason that visitors adore momentos such as photographs, posters, prints. Even Ikea leverages this desire by using famous cityscapes as inspirations for their artwork offerings.

The graphic appeal and visual association with the big cities of the world has spawned some brilliant books such as the “This is …” series by Miroslav Lasek (see his site here). It has also inspired artists to develop their own graphic portrayals of their favorite iconic cities. This series from Aldo Crusher is beautiful because it uses color to really express the dominant visual tone of a City. Have a look at his great work. They are definitely a series that I could see on my wall.



cityillustrations-3cityillustrations-7 cityillustrations-5

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