The future of reading explored by IDEO

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IDEO is a wonderful company that is not short of great thinkers. They have solved countless problems through their ingenuity and curiosity. This video is a their take on the future of publishing. They present 3 scenarios and encourage debate on their blog.

The 3 scenarios are fairly simple. The first is a model whereby each book is linked to the discussions that it provokes online (ie debates, references, etc.). This way, you get side reading on what the book is influencing, where it got its inspirations, what facts it referenced and their corresponding back stories, etc. The second model is a pure social networking model whereby you can find books based on those read by your friends or professional circles. The last model is an evolutionary storytelling model whereby the ready has multiple entry points to influence a story.

While I think all three models are interesting and have been presented by other blogs and videos exploring the future, I feel that there needs to be another model that allows people to discover new books from their source. The model that references discovery of new books is the second one but this model suggests others have already discovered the book. How will the future aggregate new content so that authors have a chance to be discovered? Will it be the current Amazon model or iTunes Genius Bar model or will it be something different altogether? There are countless ways to share existing content but we need to help get the right new content to the right people so that excellence does not get lost in the webosphere. Enjoy.

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