The future of digital magazine ads – Brazil shows us the way

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As technology shapes what the future will look like for “old world media”, Brands and Agencies the world over are embracing the possibilities and helping the rest of us see what brilliance will look like. One of the areas of innovation are around digital magazines. With geo-location, Google Street View, Facebook pictures, Instagram, and the like, the possibilities to highly personalize magazine ads is an absolute reality. The challenge is obviously to get people to interact so that a magazine ad has the permission to pull information and serve up highly personalized content. However, I am sure this barrier will be shaved away over time as “opt-in and pull” processes accelerate.

One of the masters of digital magazines is a Brazilian shop called AlmapBBDO. For several of their clients they have developed very cool and innovative digital print ideas. The level of personalization is astounding. I expect that the case study videos show what perfection looks like and the actual campaigns aren’t as ideal but they ignite the imagination and give us a taste of what the future will look like. 

Check out the videos below for the parcel delivery service Gollog where a combination of Google Street View, Geo-Location and a simple picture overlay show you exactly where your parcel will go. The other video for insurance company Bradesco use Facebook pictures to create ads that profoundly demonstrate the need and value of insurance. Have a look.

GOLLOG – STREETVIEW DELIVERY (ENG) from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.

BRADESCO – The Most Valuable Stock Images from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.

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