The creative richness in beer packaging

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Packaging is such a fun way to tell the story of your Brand. It is important that design thinking is used to ensure that you set yourself up for an architecture that can evolve as you do. However, it is equally important to let loose and be playful. Too often Brands get caught in overanalyzing their packaging messages and images that they end up losing the opportunity to not only really break some rules, but more importantly they miss the opportunity to really tell their story in the most compelling and authentic way.

This is why I absolutely love this exploratory of beer packaging done by one of the Tasteologie guys (see A simple stroll down the aisles of Whole Foods and the creativity of this sector comes to life. However, many of these players aren’t caught by the pressures of multiple management layers, or multiple countries waying in to ensure that their consumer is considered. Instead, these Brands lean into their own essense, their own personality, and express that to the world at large. The result: probably some haters, but certainly some real lovers. And arguably you want to stand for something and have people that truly like you for what you are (not what you want everyone to think you are). Enjoy the photos.

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