The best way to sell shoes is give them away! Just look at TOMS

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There are more and more companies out there that truly want to create good in the world and feverishly act to make it happen. One of the most committed companies is TOMS Shoes. Their entire business model is set up to help those that are less fortunate through their “One For One” philosophy where a pair of their Alpargata shoes is donated to a child in need with every pair sold. 

To further their vision to see no child without shoes, they have infused their movement with the creation of an awareness day. In the same vain as Breast Cancer Day, or AIDS Day, TOMS created “One Day Without Shoes” – an inspiring effort to raise awareness about the millions of children worldwide who must walk barefoot for miles every day as they go to school and trek across dirt roads for clean drinking water. The response by the general public and even celebrity circle is astounding.

Larger companies are starting to be more overt with their efforts to do good.
Nike is a great example with their efforts to combat cancer, AIDS, and female empowerment in 3rd World Countries (via the Girl Effect movement – see here or here). The challenge should be to make these efforts not just activations but elements prevalent in all marketing efforts. Enjoy the video.

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