The best way to recruit new people to your Brand? Make them work for it without them realizing it

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Recruiting the right consumer to your Brand is difficult. The trick is to make the invitation different, fun, and interactive. You must respect your consumer and make sure that the time that you are taking from them in your “pitch” is well worth it. In other words the demand on the content is really high, much more so than if you are speaking to a person who already has an affinity for your brand.

The Australian Defence Force developed a highly innovative interactive campaign to recruit people into the Defence program and receive a scholarship. The campaign was comprised of two core creative manifestations – a mobile app and print work. Each print piece showed an officer and a call to action to discover his or her medical emergency. With the app you could find information such as symptoms and the like to put together a diagnosis. Those students that found the medical issue were eligible for the scholarship.

This innovative campaign won recently at Cannes. It is by far one of the most interesting recruitment pieces I have seen and really shows how to engage consumers differently. It is also a perfect example of integrating technology with traditional media to deliver a much richer and conversational piece of communication. Have a look.

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