The best way to pick up a girl? A bar in Singapore helps its patrons find the way

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Traditional ways of marketing are becoming increasingly less interesting to smaller businesses and forward thinking Brands. The reason is that people are expecting a greater level of emotional engagement with a marketing initiative or they will simply ignore it. Moreover, they want simple but highly relevant things. So much is vying for their attention (be it personal, professional, or cultural) that much gets tuned out or pushed away. For this reason, I absolutely love this idea done for a bar in Singapore.

The task of this bar in Singapore was to increase beer consumption, so they leaned into the prime-purchaser’s key obsession: picking up girls. The core insight was that these guys were way too shy to start up conversations. The physical face to face was just too much. As a result they found an interesting way of using mobile that overcame that barrier.

The solution was to create a simple virtual “greeting card” that was activated by a QR code on hang-tags on bottles of beer served at the bar. In a few simple steps you could fill out the virtual card. Then you’d order another beer, flip over the hang tag so that the girl receiving the beer could quickly gain access to your virtual message. From that point on the conversation was underway and often continued after they left the bar. So a simple hang tag not only doubled consumption but also created new “hook-ups”. Brilliant. Thanks DBB guys! (see link here)

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