The best snapshots from the brilliant speakers from Cannes Lions 2012

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At the 2012 Cannes Lions there were some really great presentations that gave an indication of where creativity and conversation marketing are heading in the future. Whether it is the merging of technologies to truly make conversations in creativity seamless (see article here). Whether it is a slowing down of the pace of the world to appreciate the finer details that make every moment a potentially amazing experience (see article here). Or whether it is that advertising is no longer really advertising, rather a conversation with a harder purpose (see articles here and here).

The slideshow below is a collection of the most memorable slides from the army of fantastic speakers. Curated by Jesse Desjardins, this collection doesn’t capture all of the great content but certainly a huge percentage. Many of the points captured in Jesse’s recap are good snapshots that can be considered as you think about your communications plans in the upcoming year. Enjoy.

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