The best music festival activation idea ever: turn the toilets into a desired destination

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Music festivals are the hunting grounds for so many Brands that are eager to connect with a younger generation. Many Brands have done very cool things: Heineken becoming an act in the festival or allowing people to connect to eachother via barcodes, VW creating a treasure hunt to get tickets, or Coke allowing people to literally “download” the band through their mobile.

However, many of these examples are add-ons to the experience. Meanwhile, there is one heavily populated part of a festival environment that now Brand has bothered to take advantage of: the potties. The mobile Brand in Argentina called Personal has taken up the challenge. Instead of making the wait and experience of going to the toilet a buzz-kill, they found a way of making it a musical experience that is worth talking about. How? By making the porta-potties actual instruments activated by people using them.

The idea is not only brilliant because it is a true “white space” part of a festival, but also because it is so damn simple. Enjoy the video.

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