The best creativity of Christmas 2014

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downloadThe holidays have come and gone, the decorations have been cleared and packed away for next year, the gifts have been enjoyed, the family has departed, and the regular rhythm of life is soon to set back in. As we look back to this holiday season, we see that we have been privy to fantastic, smart, emotionally powerful creativity.

What has made the 2014 holiday season such a notable moment for creativity is that true, selfless giving has been vigorously pursued in so many efforts using all the wonderful technology, real-world reaction, and social-first tools and techniques available.

One of the most powerful efforts, guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes comes from Ikea. They have tapped into the relationship between children and their parents, and how society is putting a strain on the fabric of family. Ultimately the biggest act of giving that a child wants is the attention, love, and time of its parents. This “survey” film highlights this with incredible power.

Another touching effort comes from Groupon. Their holiday contest encouraged people to think about those that are deserving of a gift because they bring joy, happiness, safety, etc. to our daily lives. These could be people such as your doctor, your friend at the gym, your bus driver, the friendly barista at your local coffee shop, and so on. To promote this contest they developed a stunt that showed how much a little thought can go a long way to lift up your fellow human being.

Waitrose, the British grocery retailer, also elevated the art of giving. Being owned by John Lewis, they clearly have learned a thing or two about emotion-based storytelling (see JLs holiday ad here). Instead of simply giving to a charity, which is the “good corporate thing to do”, they decided to fully integrate giving into their holiday advertising program. How? By crowdsourcing the song for their holiday ad, releasing it as a single, and giving all proceeds to three UK charities. Have a look at the “Donate Your Voice” website and submissions below.


Arguably the best film this holiday season comes from Sainsbury’s with which they showed that human caring and giving can be displayed, even in the bleakest of times. Their film focused on the historic “Christmas football game” event that took place between the British and German troops during World War 1. Absolutely gripping.

Vodafone also felt like giving back to its many customers so that those people could get the most out of the holiday season by spending as much time as possible with those that are near to them. Consequently Vodafone offered their customers 2 days of free and unlimited data. The film below was their attempt at showing what they’d encourage their customers to spend it on.

In addition to many great efforts behind giving, creative craft was totally on display this holiday season. The expected top guns such as the John Lewis, Coca-Cola, and so on were on display but there were also some others that you might not be aware of.

Ecovia encourage people to not drink and drive during the holidays through one of the most intelligent print pieces I have seen.


Samsung elevated their creative acumen with a wonderful animated film that narrates a Christmas tale through the screens of its many devices. Very charming. Have a look.

People at large were also incredibly creative this holiday season with their choice of Christmas tree. It is not always necessary to have a real tree, when you can create magic with other “materials”. Have a look at some of the most interesting creations.

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