The Beauty Of Music Mashing

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I shared my observations about “passion mashing”. I coined the term borrowing from the music industry. I wanted to share one of the most beautiful mashups that I’ve come across. The mashup combines the “Every Breath You Take” Police song with the “Chasing Cars” Snow Patrol track. Honestly, I think that the new song feels like it was an original piece. I am partial to the Police track so I’m not going to say that it is better than the original but I will say that I believe it is better than the original Snow Patrol track. I have had people tell me that this is not creativity, just copying. This comment is rubbish. To find complimentary tracks and make a new song that generates a whole different set of emotions takes talent. Without the technology available to the masses we could not tap into the collective creativity. Music will benefit because the genius of so many artists can be reborn, and a new generation of listeners will become familiarized with these past artists. Long live learning from the old to build a better new.

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