The art of the social media driven sequel

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Since Old Spice made the social media sequel/ response a globally applauded marketing tactic, many Brands have followed suit (see article here). It is a brilliantly way of not just communicating with your consumers but of using their inspiration and interest as a way of developing content that will spread.

jeff_gordon_pepsimax_test_drive_2_2014Recently Pepsi Max developed a social media response video that is both creatively and strategically brilliant. Over the course of the past few years, Pepsi Max has continuously created stunts using famous sporting celebrities undercover. The two most popular stunts were with basketball great Kyrie Irving (see here) and racing car icon Jeff Gordon. The Gordon stunt involved him going to a car dealership, taking a car for a test ride, and in the process scaring the living daylights out of the salesman. The popularity of the video was massive and created chatter on social media. One auto reporter in particular was incredibly vocal about his dislike of the film because he claimed that it was clearly faked.  When the Pepsi Max team got wind of the conversation, they asked Gordon whether he’d be up for doing a follow up video pranking the auto reporter. In doing so they would “prove that it was not fake”, create immense discussion among auto fans and Pepsi Max fans, and truly bring its Brand promise to life. This Brand response also sets the stage for future “hidden camera” stunts. Have a look at the sequel immediately below and the original underneath it.

The original Jeff Gordon Pepsi Max stunt:

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