The art of a brilliant grassroots event – Ikea & Castello

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If there is one brand that comes to mind who has consistently done exceptional grassroots events it would be Red Bull. They have helped redefine what PR is supposed to be, and have championed a new way of marketing that leans mostly on creating word-of-mouth by creating unbelievable experiences. As Brands continue to think about making all of their programs more liquid, the creativity around grassroots events has blossomed. Beyond being really exciting events for those that experiences them live, great grassroots events translate brilliantly on film. As a consequence, they become great social content fodder.

Ikea has historically been very strong at grassroots marketing. They have time and again tapped into local community rhythms when launching new stores or programs. This has resulted in very smart but also incredibly creative campaigns. Most recently for the launch of a new Ikea store in Clermond-Ferrand in France they created a climbing wall made of Ikea furniture. The event not only created excitement among the Brand’s target, but also allowed people to test the durability of their products. Very smart.

ikea kea 2

downloadOne of the most creative grassroots events that I have seen of late was from cheese Brand Castello. The specialty cheese Brand was entering the US market and needed to give people a reason to try it. As such, they created a pop up art show in one of the most trafficked places in the country, Grand Central Station in NYC. Called, “Eat The Art”, the art show had a collection of famous paintings where cheese was part of the painting. Beside these famous pieces was a recreation of the work with real Castello cheese, where passersby could sample it. Absolutely brilliant.

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