The amazing new facts about Social Media and how companies can’t figure out how to work with them

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With every passing month, the digital landscape changes in ways that are staggering. A few years past an online video series kicked-off that showcased statistics of this new landscape to the awe of all those that viewed it. It was called “Did you know?”. This film has been updated every year or so. The most recent version is titled something different but still carries the same principle of statistics sharing and celebrating the new world order.

Many websites have posted this new Social Media Revolution video over the past week (see below) so I want to add a little twist to this post to make it different than all the others. The main challenge with all this growth and innovation online is that it is difficult to keep up. Many people and companies are also only now truly immersing themselves. To me it feels like it has been part of my life forever, and for kids at school it HAS been all that they’ve known. As such, it sparks a giggle when I hear in boardrooms – “we are going to really focus on digital now”. However, the result of this reality is that many “experts” have been hired by these companies who together don’t really know what to do. At most, they follow a wave versus truly find ways to benefit communities and brand growth.

The fact that a great deal of Brand activity within digital and social is a bit clueless has been discussed and mocked many times (see example here and here). However, I really love what the Onion has recently done where it creates “fake” TED talk videos. The one on Social Media is brilliant (see below). What I love most is that the language used in the video is not as exaggerated as you may think. The bigger point is that when you put both videos side-by-side you can blatantly see how society is moving at light speeds faster than industry. This means a lot of frustration for those islands within companies that get it but are surrounded by people that don’t, but it also means a ton of opportunity within companies or independently.

Have a look at the videos side-by-side to get a sense of the divide between the realities of culture and business. Enjoy

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