Apple and Facebook take personalisation to the next level

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The level of personalisation in advertising is getting greater by the day. Search and Social media have spurred this on and companies like Facebook are releasing tools such as Look-Alike Targeting and Custom Audiences that are allowing advertisers to marry data to provide highly targeted messaging. As margins tighten, competition rises, and shareholder expectations increase, more and more companies are going to be looking at these tools to maximise the ROI from every marketing dollar spent.

It is a very exciting time for marketing and advertising professionals because the tools available to connect with customers are more powerful than ever before. The big challenge is that while technology evolves, so does the marketing savvy of consumers, and the cost to exploit each new tool most effectively. This will likely spawn the huge hurdle that future marketeers will face: identifying the right suite of tools that deliver the best results without crossing the line of intrusion. As such, tools that allow for smart, engaging, and entertaining personalisation and customisation will be increasingly turned to as core tools within a marketer’s portfolio.

imagesOne of the more interesting innovations in personalisation is coming from Apple which is developing a mood-based ad platform. The platform will look at time of day, location, blood pressure, heart rate, adrenaline level, body temperature and other metrics to assess your mood. Clearly a wearable device is required in order for all this data to be collected. Apple is working on that. This will be very interesting because it can not only serve up ads when you are in the mindset of buying a certain product or category, but it can trigger a buying desire. Just think if you are experiencing a lull in your workday and the platform serves up a coupon for a Starbucks double shot specialty coffee with a message saying “Get back into gear with a quick walk and a coffee”. You’d be more open to take advantage of that instead of simply walking to your coffee machine in the office kitchen. See what was released on AppleInsider.

3025405-inline-apple-mood-advertisingFacebook is also pushing personalisation and customisation with their new Paper app. In has been released in the US on February 3rd. Essentially, Paper is a different way to present your Newsfeed in a separate app format. You can choose the types of content you want – both personal and 3rd Party – and Paper displays them in a mobile “newspaper” format that is incredibly intuitive and visually arresting. While there are no ads in the app just yet, you can quickly see one being implemented. Moreover, it is very possible that the platform adapts to the user, providing increasingly relevant and tailored messaging. Have a look at the video below. You can also visit their website here.

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